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Hi, we are 4fans, a unique adult platform for Fans and Creators without subscription boundaries.
Let us explain why we created our platform, and what makes us unique.

We noticed that the number of people wanting to share private and adult content across all social media platforms is constantly growing, and that the amount of people interested in that type of content is on a huge rise (pun intended). But for some reasons, the most prominent social media apps are implementing restrictions, in an attempt to safeguard their viewers from adult content.

This trend has led to a large number of people who are wanting to put out their adult content, now looking for a place to call home. Not surprisingly, new content sharing platforms, focusing on the adult industry are appearing online. However, not many are focusing on upgrading experience, both for Fans and Creators. That’s why we decided to do things differently.

At 4fans we removed subscriptions to enable both Fans and Creators to have a more personal experience.
Our Fans can sign up and follow as many Creators as they want for free, enjoy their free posts, and only purchase the content that they really like (and when we say free we mean free. We don’t ask for your credit card information to see free content). Fans can see all Creators and start chatting with them whenever they want.

We know that people like to explore, especially with adult content. That’s why our Search option has so many functionalities. Fans can search for Creators (by their username, location) or search for specific types of content by keywords. Sometimes we don’t know what we really like, until we see it, so we suggest you explore our Search option, and find new things to like.

We are not just a content sharing platform, we want to help our Creators in their career. That’s why we are the best place for someone who is new to the adult content sharing business. There are a lot of possibilities for Creators to grow their following on 4fans. First, all Fans can see and find you. Second, we bring traffic to your profile and do marketing for you. And third, we give tips to our Creators on how to create better posts and become successful on our platform.

Is 4fans legit?

We are legit, and all of our Creators are legit!
There are a lot of sites offering pics and videos of sexy men and women who are not really registered on their platform. Our focus is on building trust and showing people that all Creators and media on our site are 100% real. That’s why all of our Creators need to get Verified before posting.

The best way to see how legit we are is to login to our platform. Decide if you want to be a Fan or Creator and join us for the most personal adult experience.


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