Hornymylf45 interview

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1. If there were an Olympic event for content creators, what would you win a gold medal in?

Olympic event Hands down I would win the gold medal for fellatio! I could do this from dusk until dawn and is my biggest turn on! This also applies to cunnilingus but I don’t get as much chance 😢

2. What’s the most amusing misconception someone’s had about your work as a 4Fans creator?

Biggest misconception…This is amusing but also annoying that people think this is solely for money! I enjoy creating content, yes the money is a bonus but for me it’s about keeping things exciting and at the same time possibly helping others out!

3.What would the title of your autobiography be if it was based solely on your 4Fans career?

WET this one word sums up my content! I am wet 24/7, squirt every time and I want my followers to be left high and NOT dry!

4. If you had to compare yourself to an animal when you’re in ‘content creation mode’, which animal would it be and why?

Pussy cat of course! Dominant, playful, cute and smooth as velvet!

5. If your content creation routine was a dance, what would it be called?

If I had to name a dance after my content creation it would be THE BOUNCE – my huge natural boobs are forever bouncing!

6. Have you ever had a ‘blooper’ moment while creating content that you can share with us?

Loads of staggering in heels for me is a regular occurrence but my main blooper was on a recent video call I squirted straight on to my phone and ended the call 😂

7. If you could only use one emoji to describe your content, which one would it be and why?

The water of course! I am always wet, slippy and want my fans to be sticky and wet after watching my content!💦

8. What is your go-to activity for relaxing after a long day of content creation?

I actually like chilling and chatting with fans even when I’m slouching around in loungewear (they wouldn’t want to see this mind😂)

9. What’s a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

I actually compete at national level in a very dangerous sport!

10. How do you handle creative blocks?

I love following other content creators and seek people to collab with when I suffer blocks! This isn’t very often kind as I can always find an every day item as a “prop”!


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