Exploring Different Genres in Adult Content: Finding Your Niche

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Being an adult content creator is a creative job that can get you a lot of fans as long as you manage to find the right niche that best suits your style.

When entering the adult content creator world keep in mind that there are other onlyfans alternatives, that can offer you the exposure to the right clientele. Choose your adult content platform wisely and then decide on what type of content to generate.

There are different genres to explore and choose from when it comes to adult content, just see what best fits your personality and your convictions and keep your content up to date, new and exciting.

There are two types of content you can create: the adult, “not safe for work” content, and the non-explicit content, that does not include nudity nor pornography.

  • Photos

    If you focus on creating photographic content, then there are a few directions you can take. From cute selfies that make your views feel like he’s a part of your daily like; and nude photos that show you sensual, naughty side; to cosplay photos, where you dress up for your nerdy clients, in costumes and accessories that are typical to a certain movie, game, anime or manga character; or foot pics, for your foot fetish fans; or even shower photos for your fans that have voyeur inclinations.

  • Videos

    You can choose to mix it up a little and add some video content to your profile. The video content can be classified in: dancing videos where you get to film yourself while dancing on different tunes, or following different Tik-Tok or Instagram trends; bath videos, where you film yourself while taking a steamy shower, or while enjoying a bubble bath; dress-up videos, where you film yourself while getting dressed or while taking your clothes off; workout videos, where you film yourself while having a workout routine, and so on.

    If you wonder why this type of video content is so interesting to your fans, the answer is simple: all these daily, normal activities are triggering our imagination and our voyeuristic side and are making us eager for more. So, feed your fans’ imagination with these small boudoir videos.

  • “Behind the scene” content

    This type of content can be produced while you are having a photoshoot or while you are shooting a sexy video. Don’t miss out on a great chance of creating good content for your fans, and use the “behind the scene” shots as a hook to grab their interest and make them interested in what adult content you have prepared on your profile.

  • Tips and tricks content

    Some clients may feel mesmerized by your voice, or by the way your lips are moving while talking, or by your sexy presence, so use that as your asset, to attract your fans. Create content where you give tips and tricks on topics that you are comfortable with, share impressions and opinions and try to keep it sexy and intriguing, so that the fans can feel the need to get your content.

Follow our advice above and start creating good quality content for your fans.


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