10 Questions with FitFlirtyFifty69

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1. How did you get started in content creation, and what drew you specifically to the 4Fans platform?

A family member is a creator on 4 fans and is very successful, so I thought I would give it a try myself at 53. I gained Fans, fast and didn’t take long for my first payout.I was surprised how quick and easy it was, Now nothing holds me back.

2. What sets your content apart?

I like to think my content stands out , I am always trying to make each post different and eye catching , and like to include my fans. Making posts asking them to comment below and this month I have a raffle and going to do a live draw, pulling my knickers down revealing the winning number on my bumm.

3. If you could have any superpower while creating content, what would it be and why?

What superpower if any while making content. “Ulitimate pleasurer ” Miss Orgasmic Sexually Desired fantasy for every man/ Woman who I meet.

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4. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three items to continue creating content, what would they be?

What items would I take on a dessert island is a Big bottle of Lube , solar powered robo F*CK MACHINE and my king-size bed.

5. What’s your process for coming up with new content ideas? Do you have a creative routine?

I Look everywhere, Google searches, social media , Creators on 4fans magazines , dress up in costumes,nurses etc. I also use props. My fans also let me know what they would like to see.

6. What tips would you give to someone looking to become a successful creator on adult content platforms like 4Fans?

Have Fun , Be Sassy, and be a Badassy 🎧🎧 Make sure you’re headphones 🎧 are turned off when making a video call, Especially if your husband and kids are sitting next to them while you are making the call .📞 Not good 😈😈 🤣🤣 Persistance, Make eye-catching posts. Try to be different. Everywhere is a photo opportunity outside ,work ,anywhere , just have fun. I like to message all my new followers/FANS to find out what they are into and have had some very fun and interesting XXX conversations, every Fan is different.

7. Can you share a funny or interesting anecdote related to your content creation journey?

I met and made content with another Lady creator from 4fans . Which was very Fun and also nerve racking at the time, This was my very first experience with a lady Sexually we had met previously in the week for coffee to talk, to make sure we were compatible as she was 20 years younger than me .We got on really well, booked a room a few days later had a lot of laughs drank a bottle of vodka made alot of content together which went down really well on 4 fans and we even met up again and made more videos.

8. Do you have a particular niche or unique selling position?

My age for a start as I am 53 ,Very Confident and Cocky and a big joker there nothing much I won’t do, Have a robo 20 speed F*ck machine , naked keep fit videos .I like to think I’m one of the sexiest/Dirtiest Creators on the 4fans platform. Come and take a look if you are brave enough 🤣🤣🤣

9.If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself before you started creating adult content?

I would have started making adult content 20years ago , It’s been so much fun gained so much more confidence. You only Live once so live it . Not looked back once and looking forward to the next 20 years on 4fans .Haha I be 73 🤣🤣🤣

10. What tools do you find most useful in managing your 4Fans account?

I like everything about 4fans, everything is so super easy and straightforward to use, Making posts , video calls, lives to paid media and payments. If I did have any queries, 4fans creators are always quick to help.

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